Saskatchewan art therapists have launched a website to promote our profession and help people find art therapy services in or near their community. If you are interested in art therapy advertised by an organization, ask them if the services are being delivered by a trained professional. Information about the training required to identify as an art therapist can also be found on the site:

I enjoy and value art making and am interested in helping people. Why is it important to have specific training to be an art therapist?

Art therapists receive graduate training that combines psychotherapy, human development, counselling methods, etc. with the use of art materials. This training provides insights regarding how best to support individuals and groups within a professional therapeutic relationship while using different materials and activities.  Art therapists have access to clinical supervision with registered art therapists who provide support and guidance when questions or concerns arise in our work. We follow standards of practice and have professional liability insurance.

If you’re interested in becoming an art therapist check out the links at the bottom of the Saskatchewan Art Therapists’ website page “About Art Therapy” to programs in Canada. Many offer distance education options. Those holding a bachelor’s degree can expect to take a two-year program. Those with a master’s degree in a related discipline can typically finish training in a year.

The world needs more art therapists!