I can deliver art therapy to facilities such as long-term care, hospital units, schools, or community-based organizations. Group art therapy brings together individuals with a shared issue of concern in an environment of support and trust grounded in common experiences.  Groups typically begin with participants checking in followed by art making (self-directed or activities), and a closing circle during which I facilitate the discussion in support of the therapeutic goals of the group.


Benefits: Support through shared experiences, concerns, and therapeutic goals; reduced isolation through community building and information sharing; expression of thoughts and emotions through art making and discussion.

Art Therapy in Schools Videos


Special thanks to the individuals interviewed for sharing their experience, knowledge and insights: David Baudemont, Art Therapist – Saskatoon, SK, Glen Campbell – Kootenay Lake School District No. 8, Cheryl Grant – Kootenay Lake School District No. 8, Linda Mahoney, Art Therapist – Nelson BC, Kathy Spiers – Kootenay Lake School District No. 8 and Karen Wallace, Art Therapist – Regina SK. The views and opinions expressed in these videos are those of the individuals interviewed and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of any agency or of Dianne Shannon.