Individual and group art therapy sessions can be delivered to you no matter what your location. I’ve held individual and group sessions at long-term care facilities, hospitals, schools, homes, and community-based organizations. Check out the list of individual and group outreach examples of past clients on the “About Dianne” page.

  • Individual art therapy can take place in a hospital room, office, classroom, kitchen, whatever space is available. I bring the art supplies!
  • Group art therapy can be delivered in your facility as long as there’s enough space for the number of people participating. I can bring the supplies, or, if the group is ongoing, supplies may be left at your facility. Let me know if you don’t have space and I’ll try to find a room to rent.

Video art therapy is delivered through the secure Jane app to your desktop, tablet, or phone. Click this link to find out what it’s like when you’re invited to a video session. Ready to try it? Click on the “Book appointment online” button above. You don’t need special art supplies, anything you have on hand will work: highlighter, pen, pencil, crayon, printer paper, napkin, recycled packaging, magazines for collage images, newspaper. You can also check out a dollar store for inexpensive supplies.

Here are a few tips for your video session:

  • Create a private space for your session where you can speak without being overheard or interrupted. If the session is for your child, make sure they are in a location where they know no one can hear the session and there will be no interruptions or distractions from other people or pets.
  • Headphones improve your privacy and minimize background noise and interruptions. ​​
  • Video conferencing on Jane works best on Google Chrome as your internet browser.
  • Share any concerns about video therapy with me before or after your session.
  • If you’re distracted by seeing yourself on the screen or monitor, stick a post-it note on the window with your image.

Visit the Jane website more information about video sessions.