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Autism, kids, and art therapy: update

Kids with autism often have strengths in the areas of non-verbal reasoning, creativity, imagination, and spatial relations. They can tap into these strengths through art therapy while being supported in other areas such as communication, social skills, motor skills, and self-regulation. Check out the documents below for more information about how children and youth with autism can benefit from art therapy.

UPDATE: Saskatchewan Health now allows families to use their Individualized Funding for art therapy. To be reimbursed for art therapy costs, children/youth need to be recommended for art therapy by their consultant or mental health staff at Autism Services Saskatoon, an Autism Service Provider or by a regulated professional within a school division, the Saskatchewan Health Authority, or the Athabasca Health Authority.

The list of approved services is reviewed annually. Art therapy becoming an approved service would mean families could contact Saskatchewan art therapists directly without needing a recommendation from a service provider.

To express your support for art therapy becoming an approved service, send a message to

Cancer and art therapy

Many friends and family over the past few years have been confronted with a cancer diagnosis and treatment, so I decided to go through the American Art Therapy Association’s outcomes-based research bibliography for information about art therapy’s efficacy for cancer patients. The articles I found are listed in the attached pdf file for those of you who are also interested. A Google search of “cancer and art therapy” will also bring up many, many examples of art therapy in cancer treatment.

AATA outcomes-based research bibliography: Cancer and art therapy (pdf)

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