Your participation in therapy, including what you say and make during sessions, is confidential.  Information may only be shared with your signed permission.  Information may also be shared if I am mandated by law to disclose information or if there is a threat to your or someone else’s safety, in which case we will discuss appropriate steps to take.

Children up to 13 years of age require the consent of their parent/s or guardian/s to attend therapy. At the time of intake with the parent/s or guardian/s, I will discuss the type of information they expect to be shared about their child’s sessions.

If you are 14-18 years of age, you can contact me to attend art therapy without the consent of your parent/guardian (see mature minor policy information below). The content of your sessions will remain private unless there is concern for your safety or the safety of others. If you’re referred to me by an organization that requires monthly summary reports, we’ll discuss what information you’re comfortable sharing and what the organization needs.

Government of Canada Mature Minor Policy: In Canada, children’s decision-making about health care issues occurs within a complicated legal framework. First, there is the common law “mature minor” doctrine. Generally, parents are entitled to make treatment decisions on their children’s behalf. The mature minor doctrine, however, allows children who are sufficiently mature to make their own treatment decisions.

Saskatoon Health Region Policy: 3.8.3 Mature Minors If the child is assessed and is deemed capable of consenting to
treatment he/she is allowed to make all treatment/procedure
decisions. Children who are not yet capable should, to the extent that
is reasonable, be included in decision making and informed
about decisions that have been made for them. Discussions should
be at an age appropriate level. Where a child is committed to the Minister of Social Services under the Child and Family Services Act, the consent may be given only
by the Minister, or his/her designate, unless the child is a mature

Canadian Art Therapy Standards of Practice re: privacy Page 3