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Keeping safe – COVID 19 update

With increased concern about face-to-face transmission of COVID-19, I will be offering only video sessions for adults beginning May 4th. I’ve chosen the because video sessions are included in the Jane suite of products I’ll be using for my practice, such as online booking, reminders, invoicing, and payment. This should make the business side of being a client easy and helpful. Video sessions offered by Jane are also safe, so no worries about being video bombed, hacked, or having information leaking onto the web. Jane’s video sessions are PIPEDA approved, which also means our online sessions are covered by my liability insurance through the Canadian Art Therapy Association. Here’s a description about telehealth, or video session security, from Jane’s website:

Secure & HIPAA-compliant data transfer

Jane’s telehealth feature is built within Jane’s secure infrastructure and is designed from the ground up to be secure. All data is encrypted in transit, and nothing is ever recorded or stored. And in most cases, the encrypted data flows directly from your device to your patient’s device bypassing Jane’s servers altogether – security by design.


I’m pleased to announce the opening of my art therapy private practice in Saskatoon. As a registered art therapist with more than seven years experience, I offer counselling through individual sessions or groups for all ages and concerns. Art therapy is a method to explore issues using the creative process that does not rely on words for someone to experience benefits.  This is especially helpful for someone who finds it difficult to explain or describe complex experiences, emotions, and thoughts. You don’t have to be an artist to participate! There are lots of materials to choose from and I can suggest activities if you’re not sure where to begin. Individual or group sessions can be delivered at my office or through outreach. Online video sessions will be available beginning May 4th.

For more information about me and my practice check out the links above, call me at 306-717-4811, or email

You can make an appointment by phone, email, or online booking.

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